Excited Tories Celebrate Gaining Leicester East Council Seat With 18.4% Swing in Heavily Hindu Ward

Last night the Tories gained a council ward in Claudia Webbe’s Leicester East constituency, the gain in Humberstone & Hamilton by Daniel Crewe was in a majority ethnic ward. Leicester East is one of the top Hindu denominated wards in the country (21%). The Tories won 44.7% of the vote, an 18.4 point swing to them, Labour’s vote dropped -15.6 points to 33.2% and this was despite the Green Party vote collapsing -7.1 points to 8%. Giving the Tories their first councillor on Leicester Council for years.

The steady Tory inroad into ethnic Indian heritage voters has been given a steroid shot after Starmer’s Labour Party attacked the Tories in a chauvinistic appeal to Pakistani heritage voters with a crude negative association of Boris with India’s Prime Minister Modi. The UK has an estimated population of 1.4 million with Indian heritage and 1.2 million with Pakistani heritage. The politics of the sub-continent are finding an electoral echo in Britain today.

Keith Vaz had been out campaigning for the Humberstone & Hamilton council seat, which is within the borders of his old seat, and was the former ward of Vaz’s now deceased election agent, councillor John Thomas. Vaz has been campaigning and putting himself about very actively in recent months ahead of his successor Claudia Webbe’s imminent day in court. If the case goes badly for Webbe, Vaz would be in the running to be the Labour Party candidate in a parliamentary by-election in Leicester East. Slippery Vaz has managed to secure the chairmanship of the Leicester East constituency Labour Party to aid his efforts. Some suspect that if Vaz was blocked by Labour’s NEC he would try and stitch up the seat for his daughter, though many Labour figures are convinced he still hopes to return to the Commons in his own right. It would be ironic if the crude appeal in Batley and Spen to Pakistani chauvinism against India damaged his prospects with his core voter base…

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Claudia Webbe Sends Abusive Messages to Critics Before Blocking Them

Claudia Webbe went on a Twitter rampage last night, privately messaging at least four twitter users to call them “racist”, “sexist” “idiots” before blocking them. Hardly behaviour you’d expect from a sitting MP…

It is now standard for anyone on the left when criticised for anything, to claim victimhood, or attribute malevolent motivations, whenever criticised in any way. Webbe’s online hissy fit follows her toe-curling humiliating exchange with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab at the Foreign Affairs Committee, which is being heavily criticised online. Webbe has issues…

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Claudia Webbe Humiliates Herself with Question to Raab

Guido always looks forward to Claudia Webbe’s Foreign Affairs Committee appearances, ever since she suggested the UK is no worse than Iran, only to get deflated by Raab’s ‘having to explain the obvious’ act. Yesterday she asked a question even she didn’t understand…

After the floor opened up, Claudia questioned Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary:

“Why does the government not consider legal action to be necessary in the case of Belarus?”

A dry-as-ever Raab asked her to clarify, “what is the legal action you’re proposing?”. After more waffle from Webbe, Raab specified:

“What I was trying to clarify is who do you want us to sue and where?”

Guido presumed Claudia would be more familiar with the details of legal action these days

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Webbe Not Only One Putting the Mental in Environmentalism

Loony leftie Claudia Webbe’s tweet that the “Earth is overpopulated; there are too many rich people. To solve the climate crisis; the rich must be abolished” has justifiably attracted a lot of mocking. She’s not the only one who thinks the pandemic is the perfect opportunity to bash the rich. To the usual roll-call of eco-extremists you can now add UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is calling on national governments to impose wealth taxes to combat inequality exacerbated by the pandemic:

“I urge governments to consider a solidarity or wealth tax on those who have profited during the pandemic, to reduce extreme inequalities. We need a new social contract, based on solidarity and investments in education, decent and green jobs, social protection, and health systems. This is the foundation for sustainable and inclusive development.”

Even the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, is calling for minimum corporate tax rates across the world’s major economies, presumably to pay for Biden’s mega-deficit-making stimulus splurge. The political and intellectual classes are pushing for a global paradigm shift, away from the low tax and free-market policies that, since the collapse of Soviet Communism, have seen global living standards rise at the fastest pace ever. They are using the pretext of the pandemic and environmental alarmism to justify the undemocratic policies they have long wanted to implement. Big states with high taxes and controlled by a technocratic elite – “for our own good”.

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Left Wingers Blunder Over Prince’s Death

Following mass-criticism, Corbyn has now deleted the tweet he posted nine minutes after Prince Philip’s death, calling on followers to join him in a show of solidarity with Bolivia. Corbyn wasn’t the only member of the left to misstep over the Duke’s passing…

Guido has been sent screenshots from inside the Labour MPs’ office managers WhatsApp chat, in which Jay Glover (Alison McGovern’s office manager), described the forthcoming Commons Monday recall for tributes to the Prince as a “ninety minute circle jerk of what a great man he was…” Mohammad Yassin’s office manager Gen McMahon added “It’s going to be intolerable”. It was Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s manager, of all people, who reminded those shooting their mouths off that “it’s a large group”.

Nia Griffith MP, like Corbyn, also tweeted a now-deleted post, regarding a DVLA strike rally. Claudia Webbe is, by contrast, standing firm in her use of Prince Philip’s death to call on the government to “invest in young people, reopen youth provisions and youth centres everywhere”. Tactful. 

Admittedly, no MP has been as outspoken as the West Berkshire branch of the Unison union, who upon hearing the news came out with:

They couldn’t even wait until he was buried…

UPDATE: 2 hours and 45 minutes later, Corbyn finally comes out with a statement:

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Claudia Webbe Finally Resigns…

Readers will be relieved to hear that disaster MP Claudia Webbe has resigned… as a councillor. Despite winning her seat in Leicester in 2019, she’s continued on as an Islington councillor, raking in thousands of allowances on top of her wage as an MP. Despite Claudia admitting to spending only 15% of the time fulfilling the role compared to her fellow councillors…

While Labour has already confirmed their local candidate, the electoral fight couldn’t get going until after Webbe had issued a formal notice of resignation. Having finally submitted one, the election to replace her in Islington is now on for the May elections. Hopefully now she’ll be able to devote her attention full-time to her Leicester constituents. Apart from the small distraction of her impending harassment court case…

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