Labour MP Struggles to Defend Claim her Manifesto was ‘Popular’

In an excruciating interview on the Today Programme this morning new Labour MP, former Ken Livingstone advisor, and friend of this site Claudia Webbe repeatedly refused to back up her claim that Labour’s policies were popular. When repeatedly pressed on her claim that Labour’s 2019 manifesto was well received, despite contributing to the party’s worst electoral defeat since 1935, Webbe started talking about “mass media and newspaper corporations.” Zero lessons being learned… 

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Labour Candidate Slams Party for Anti-India Selection

The candidate who missed out on being selected for Leicester East has railed against Labour for running a “sham contest” in the seat, selecting NEC member and friend-of-the-site Claudia Webbe. In his statement, Sundip Meghani criticised the party for allowing its “ruling Executive [to choose] a member of Labour’s ruling Executive as the candidate.

Meghani says Labour has ignored the concerns of the sizable Indian community in the seat, saying Corbyn’s party “has chosen to rub salt into the wound it has created amongst British Indians.” Read his powerful statement here…

“Worst of all, it is a slap in the face for the Indian community in Leicester and across Britain, to not only impose a non-Indian heritage candidate — in a seat with one of the highest Indian demographics in the country — but also a candidate who chaired Labour’s National Conference last year when it passed an appalling anti-India motion. It sends entirely the wrong message and is an insult to the people I come from. It shows just how little the Labour Party values and respects the Indian community, particularly Hindus and Sikhs.

Any other decent candidate would have been suitable – it didn’t necessarily have to be me. But by selecting such an inappropriate candidate for Leicester East, Labour has chosen to rub salt into the wound it has created amongst British Indians. Labour is taking the Indian vote for granted and I condemn this crooked outcome.”

This is just the latest incident in Labour’s rapidly growing India problem. Ian Lavery is quoted in the Times of India today as being contrite about the offence caused to “some sections of the Indian diaspora, and in India itself…” A lot of voters too…

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Diane Abbott Endorses Call for Tom Watson to Resign

Labour’s latest civil war getting even uglier. Naturally Diane Abbott picks the side against the people trying to do something about Labour’s anti-Semitism…

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BBC Fail to Say Tory-Bashing Guest is Leading Labour NEC Member

Claudia Webbe is a leading member of Labour’s NEC, an Islington councillor and Council Cabinet member, sits on the executive of the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, is a Regional Board Member for London Labour, served as a policy director and adviser to Ken Livingstone, and is currently the Labour Party’s Head of Disputes.

Mysteriously, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire mentioned none of this when Claudia was introduced to talk about gang crime this morning. Instead she was introduced only as a founder of Operation Trident, a group set up to tackle gun violence. Naturally, Webbe used her TV spot to blame “government-led austerity since 2010” for everything…

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Labour’s New Head of Disputes Backed Expelled Marc Wadsworth

The person elected to chair Labour’s disciplinary panels defended the expelled Marc Wadsworth in an interview on Russia Today, Guido can reveal. Claudia Webbe was appointed as Labour’s new head of disputes this week, four months after Christine Shawcroft resigned from the role after she sent an email backing a suspended alleged Holocaust denier.

In the Russia Today interview broadcast after the local elections in May, Webbe says that Wadsworth, who was expelled from the Labour Party for heckling Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth, was “demonised” by the media, big business and the political elite. Which is an unfortunate choice of words. 

Webbe: In crediting Marc Wadsworth with the tremendous work that he has done over many years in terms of the anti-racist movement, one at the same cannot deny that the party has to address issues of anti-Semitism, issues of racism…

RT: He is clearly not an anti-Semite, is he?

Webbe: When you’ve the powers of the mainstream media, working together with big business working together with the political elite, they can in a sense demonise individuals in this way.

Christine Shawcroft’s tough zero tolerance approach to Labour disciplinary cases lives on with her successor…

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Corbyn-Backed Lewisham Candidate Loves Castro and Chavez

Lewisham East by-election candidate Claudia Webbe – who is backed by Corbyn’s office and the Unite and CWU unions – praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro as a “visionary” and hailed the regime of Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez. Webbe, who is Jezza’s pick in the fight for the candidacy, tweeted her “condolences on Casto’s death, despite the despot’s rule seeing widespread human rights abuses, particularly of homosexuals. Last year Webbe jointly hosted a quiz evening for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, where she spoke alongside Len McCluskey, Richard Burgon and a representative from the Cuban Embassy. What a night

Webbe also praised Venezeulan President Hugo Chavez, whose revolution ultimately led to the collapse of the country’s economy and mass violence. Chavez is now so hated by Venezuela’s poor that last year residents of his hometown burnt down a statue of himNot hard to see why she got Jezza’s backing…

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