Telegraph Sacks 20 Subs, Hires Coulson

Yesterday the Telegraph told its staff they were planning to lay-off 20 sub-editors and farms out their work to Press Association. Today, it emerges the paper has hired Andy Coulson to do their PR. According to Greenslade:

“His public relations firm, Coulson Chappell, has been awarded a contract to improve the standing of the company’s publications, the Daily and Sunday Telegraph. His main brief is thought to be to promote the papers as truthful and authoritative.”

The news has been met with bewilderment and gallows humour in the newsroom. How many of those subs’ salaries will be going on Coulson’s PR paycheck?

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Coulson Slams Waste of Public Money

He’ll be looking for a job…

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Coulson Cleared

Judge Lord Burns rules he has no case to answer in his perjury trial…

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Coulson Pleads Not Guilty to Perjury

He will stand trial in Scotland on 21 April. 16 days before polling day…

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Today at the Hacking Trial

Everything you need to know, summarised in 6 seconds…

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Brooks 'Discussed Phone Hacking' at Chequers

The Old Bailey have been hearing from Dom Loehnis, a former Telegraph journo turned head-hunter and close old friend of the Prime Minister. Called by the prosecution, Loehnis has told the court that he sat next to Rebekah Brooks at David Cameron’s fortieth Birthday party hosted at the PM’s grace and favour country pad Chequers in 2010. The conversation was rather fruity:

As early as 2010, Brooks did not believe Coulson could survive in N0.10:

Yet he didn’t jump until 2011?

Loehnis came onto the police radar when a latter he wrote to Brooks after she resigned from News International was discovered. Sharp intakes of breath in Downing Street this afternoon….

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