Polls Forecasting Boris Will Lose his Uxbridge Seat Should be Taken With a Pinch of Salt

Last week’s JL Partners’ polling generating headlines that the Tories would face a ‘wipeout’ if a snap election were held tomorrow inevitably sent the Twitterati into a frenzy. Especially when those headlines claimed Boris would lose his seat alongside half the Cabinet…

Guido’s old enough to remember when the left managed to convince itself that Boris would lose back in 2019, thanks to the campaigning prowess of Labour’s candidate, Ali Milani. Even with the help of Guardian puff pieces and an army of Owen Jones followers knocking on local doors, Milani lost. In fact, Boris’s majority increased.

Milani has found the time since 2019 to write a book about losing the election; he hasn’t, however, found time to turn up to council meetings. In fact he only attended a meeting in January to ensure he wasn’t disqualified as a councillor as a result of a 6 month absence. According to local Guido sources, he is not even necessarily going to be Labour’s candidate at the next general election…

These sorts of polls might make a good headline, yet they almost never play out in reality. No sitting Prime Minister has ever lost their own seat in an election. 

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Milani Takes Hundreds of Pounds From ‘Anti-Semitism Is Israeli Embassy Smear’ Activist

The largest single donor to Milani’s ‘Make History and Banish Boris Johnson’ GoFundMe page is a woman by the name of Hilary Wise. Readers may remember Wise, who has donated hundreds of pounds to Milani, as the activist who ranted on stage at Labour conference about anti-Semitism claims being smears orchestrated by the Israeli embassy:

“Because I’ve been campaigning for Palestinian rights for about 30 years now and I’ve never actually seen anything quite like the, it is a campaign, of slurs and accusations of anti-Semitism largely against the leadership, against Jeremy Corbyn, and against the left of the party… I’m afraid it is a orchestrated campaign. If you want to know a little bit about how the orchestration works you can watch that Al-Jazeera programme, the documentary which was made two years ago. It’s called ‘The Lobby’. You can watch it online, please do that”

Wise has also:

  • Signed a petition to expel Labour Friends of Israel from the party
  • Signed a petition to disaffiliate the Jewish Labour Movement from the party
  • Signed a petition to have the Charity Commission remove charitable status from the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism
  • Claimed Israel releases hyenas in the Jordan Valley to attack Palestinian communities

Milani keeps trying to say he is a reformed character and has moved past his 9/11 truther, pro-armed struggle, anti-Jewish antics. Will he return the donations?

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Boris’ Labour Opponent Couldn’t Be Bothered Voting in the Last Election He Stood In

There has been much speculation over labour’s controversial candidate for Boris’ Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat. The 24-year-old former student politician has been caught out promoting multiple 9/11 conspiracy theories, and using the word “#jew” as an insult.

Now Guido can reveal that Milani is a more typical young voter than expected, having not voted in the last election. Despite standing in it himself…

Guido has seen Hillingdon Council’s Marked register, showing Mr. Milani as not having voted in the borough he was registered to vote in for May 2018’s local elections. He was standing for the local council in a different ward at the time, meaning there can be two explanations…

  1. Milani is only in it for himself and can’t be bothered voting for other Labour candidates. Not even organised enough to sort out a proxy or postal ballot…
  2. He voted from a different address – therefore breaking law by being registered in the same Borough at multiple addresses.
  3. If he claims he did actually vote, Milani clearly deems electoral staff and the returning officer as incompetent…

Which one is it, Mr. Milani..?

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Labour’s Ali Milani Likes Another 9/11 Conspiracy

Labour’s Ali Milani – who is standing against Boris Johnson in his Uxbridge constituency – has a vast chequered history of unsavoury comments and conspiracies. Today Guido can reveal that despite having deleted his 9/11 conspiracy tweets, Milani still likes a conspiracy page about the brutal terrorist attack on his personal Facebook page:

“When the american government came up with 9-11 to stop Islam spreading only for it to double since 2001”

Milani remains Labour’s candidate… 

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Labour’s Ali Milani Condoned ‘Armed Struggle’ Against Israel on Press TV

The dubious history of Labour’s candidate to take on Boris in Uxbridge has been further exposed, with new footage uncovered showing Ali Milani refusing to rule out “armed struggle” against Israel while also pushing the classic trope of a well-funded Israel lobby. No wonder he fits right in with Corbyn’s Labour…

When asked on Corbyn’s favourite Iranian state propaganda outlet, Press TV – natch – whether the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel) is “an alternative to armed struggle or something alongside it?” Milani responded with an answer condoning both:

“There is no reason why we need to frame the argument as binary, it doesn’t have to be either a non-violent economic resistance or an armed resistance…”

In the same interview, alongside another notorious spreader of 9/11 and other conspiracy theories, he claimed that his distasteful views were not easy to argue against “the lobbyists [who] come out very quickly; the other side is much better funded than we are”. Unfortunately for Milani he couldn’t delete this footage in the same way he did his highly questionable tweets…

H/t The Golem

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Milani: Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

We have been covering the emergence of, Ali Milani, Labour’s candidate in Uxbridge since December 2017, long before he was surprisingly accepted as a candidate. We have documented his extreme anti-Israel views and his crazy conspiracy theories about the US government being in on the “false flag” 9/11 attack. A lot of the evidence – not all – that we have gathered has been from his social media accounts. Last night he deleted his personal Facebook page and all his tweets prior to July 2017. Too late…

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