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The 51-minute long love-in between tech mogul Elon Musk and Rishi Sunak aired last night. Advertised as a “fireside chat“, the PM played a Jimmy Fallon-esq eager chatshow host, with the two giggling and agreeing on almost all of Sunak’s soft ball questions. Guido watched it so you don’t have to…

They agreed that rogue robots should have an “0ff-switch” (they’ve both seen The Terminator), and Musk praised Sunak’s decision to invite China to the summit and hailed London as a global power in AI. Even Elon’s bleak prediction that robots will make better friends than humans got no push-back from the PM. There was a brief hint of protest from Sunak when Elon claimed that AI means “there will come a point where no job is needed”, to which Sunak weakly responded “but work gives you meaning“, without really making much of a defence of this core Tory value. Still twenty points behind…

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