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The rabidly europhile SNP government has asked Westminster to sue the European Union in what would be the first case of UK vs Commission since Brexit. So much for the Auld Alliance…

SNP ministers believe that the European Commission misinterpreted Common Agricultural Policy legislation when it decided to fine the then-Sturgeon government back in 2020 for handing out too many direct grants to farmers. ScotGov is hoping the UK can claw back around £2.4 million for it as result of winning the case filed at the European Court of Justice. UK Farming Minister Mark Spencer said “this government is backing British farmers in Scotland”. A heart-warming moment for the Union…

Cue much amusement among unionists in Westminster this morning as the nationalists come to ask for the UK Government to fight the case on their behalf as devolved administrations aren’t agents in international courts. Who thought it would be the ScotNats pushing Britain into the fray against the EU again….

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