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Andy Burnham has said the quiet part out loud and admitted he’s mulling a return to Westminster. Speaking up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this afternoon, Burnham conceded he’d have a third go at the Labour leadership if a vacancy were to somehow arise, and “one last go” as an MP is on the cards:

“If a path opens up in time then, of course, I’m not going to turn away from that… I think there potentially is one last go at Westminster somewhere. But I want to be clear about this – I would only be going back to enact what I’ve talked about today.”

He also stressed that Labour “needs to show how it can bring hope“, and most of his contact with the current leadership team is now through “reading briefings about [him] in the newspapers”. So even if he does return to SW1, it doesn’t look like he’ll join Starmer’s front bench in a hurry…

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