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With four by-elections now on the cards in the coming weeks, the party machines have been stepping up their campaigning activity. Over on Facebook, the Tories have been particularly active – launching over twenty five targeted attack ads across the contested seats. Labour, by contrast, has just been campaigning for “cleaner, cheaper energy”…

Amongst the Conservatives’ most prolific messages is an anti-growth campaign for NIMBY votes. They have a number of ads targeting both the Liberal Democrats and Labour for the egregious crime of… wanting to build more homes. Why should anyone renting who wants to buy their first home vote Conservative?

These ads alone cost the Tories over £2,100 and have been seen 200,000 times…

Other targeted ads also shed light on the Conservatives strategy across the by-elections. In Somerset and Froome, Mid Bedfordshire and Selby and Ainsty, the Conservatives are leading on policing numbers and crime. Whilst in Uxbridge, one man features front and centre: Sadiq Khan.

Of course, the Tories also have ads running on Rishi’s failing five pledges, as well as on their childcare policy. In total, the party has spend £12,000 on targeted Facebook advertising so far…

UPDATE: GB News‘ Tom Harwood asked Rishi about these Conservative campaign ads, attacking their own policy to build 300,000 houses. Despite spending over two-minutes attempting an answer, Rishi had nothing to say on the ads.

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