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Dear Harriet,

You will no doubt have seen the reports in today’s media concerning Sir Bernard Jenkin. It has been reported that he attended a rule-breaking birthday party event when London was in Tier 2 restrictions. The reports suggest alcohol was served at the event and that it broke the rules on numbers. To my knowledge, as of this point, he has made no attempt to deny the allegations.

And yet at no time has he seen fit to tell you, or the House of Commons about this alleged gathering. He has repeatedly insisted that any such breaches are a matter of the utmost gravity for any public servant.

If indeed it is the case that he broke the rules himself – and knowingly broke them – Sir Bernard is guilty of flagrant and monstrous hypocrisy.

But I am afraid it is far worse than that.

He has just voted to expel me from the House of Commons because he says – falsely – that I concealed from the House my knowledge of illicit events.

If indeed he did attend a blatantly rule breaking event he would be guilty of doing exactly what he claims that I did. Although this report is not yet confirmed by an investigation, I believe he should have informed the Committee of his conflict and he should have informed the House.

He should have recused himself.

I really find it incredible – and nauseating – that this matter is emerging at this stage of your process.

Are you please able to confirm that you have asked every member of the committee whether they attended any such events, and that these checks were made before your inquiry began?

I would be grateful for your urgent response and to know how the committee intends to proceed, since it seems to me that Sir Bernard can no longer be held to have been a valid judge or investigator in these proceedings.


Boris Johnson

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