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The North London suburb of Hornsey & Wood Green’s Constituency Labour Party (CLP) has sent out an important agenda item regarding Labour’s autumn conference, which will be voted on at their next meeting:

“We will be taking nominations for candidates for CLP conference delegates. There will be 4 delegates elected at GC, of which a minimum of 2 need to be women; at least one should be a young member and at least one should have another protected characteristic (i.e. be BAME, LGBT or disabled). We do not have to limit the number of nominations we make at the branch meeting. If successfully nominated, candidates will be asked to declare whether they identify with any of these criteria if they wish to be considered for the women, youth or ‘other protected characteristics’ places.”

Guido has done a Venn diagram visually explaining these rules:

Of course, given what happens at conference stays at conference, there is of course the option for unscrupulous straight, white men who are very keen to go, to come out as gay or perhaps fake a limp. Don’t knock it until you try it…

UPDATE:  A co-conspirator points out that if a young black disabled lesbian gets selected that could allow an old white straight guy to attend under these rules. Not sure how we can represent that contingency with a Venn diagram. Gold star for the co-conspirator from Rishi for the reasoning.

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