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Since stepping back from front-line politics, Dominic Cummings has had time to get on with the important things in life. Like worrying about the possibility of thermo-nuclear war breaking out as a consequence of an escalation of the Ukraine conflict. Something he is concerned enough to tweet about frequently. Dom’s detractors point out this is also a Kremlin talking point.

Guido doesn’t think Dom is a patsy for Putin, he’s just genuinely worried about the risk of a nuclear war. As a result, Guido hears Dom has told friends he has bought an island retreat on Lindisfarne – chosen for its prime location in the context of a nuclear apocalypse, in the sense that it is far outside the likely fallout zone following an atomic blast over London.  Always look on the bright side…

Guido’s own calculations back up Dom’s. Although nuclear fallout is difficult to predict – and often dependent on a range of factors – going by the radius from the Bikini Atoll test, which spread around 450 kilometres, Dom’s Holy Island retreat would be well clear of any burn zones and just about free from fallout. Guido prefers to stay on his own Insula Sacra…

Hat-tip: Nukemap by Alex Wellerstein

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