Harwood Hits Out at Politicians’ Power Generation “Failure”

A fired-up Tom Harwood tilted at Britain’s failure to develop energy infrastructure on Question Time last night. The newly-appointed GB News Deputy Political-Editor – congratulations by the way – tilted at the “plague on all your houses” political failure to build electricity infrastructure. On each means of power generation, from nuclear and new oil, to fracking and solar, Tom generated examples of the anti-growth attitudes of all major political parties. He went on:

“I don’t think there’s a single form of energy production in this country that a politician, or across the board politicians, have supported. We live in a country now where every single politician, every single political party, from each direction, find reasons to say no. To stop development. To stop growth. To stop our own home-grown energy. Frankly, I don’t care if it’s shale gas, if it’s fracking, if it’s wind, if it’s solar, if it’s nuclear, if it’s oil, if it’s gas. I don’t care, just build it!”

Speaking truth to power.

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