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The Independent Expert Panel (IEP) has recommended a five-day suspension for independent MP Neil Coyle after two allegations of bullying and harassment were upheld against him. The first was a drunken rant in Strangers’ Bar, in which he told a parliamentary staffer to “f*ck off” and a fellow MP to “lose some weight“. The second followed a complaint from journalist Henry Dyer, whom Coyle made racist remarks towards on the estate last year. He subsequently lost the Labour whip…

Now the IEP report has concluded “it was clear that very marked abuse of alcohol was at the root of events” and advised a suspension:

“Mr Coyle has accepted that the term “Fu Manchu” was deeply insensitive and has taken action to educate himself through speaking to members of the Chinese community. Since the complaint was made, [the respondent] has recognised the detrimental impact alcohol has had on his behaviour and has taken action to address this. I would take this opportunity to commend [the respondent] on the positive action he has taken. The breach of confidentiality by [the complainant] was significant and resulted in widespread negative publicity on [the respondent]. This has had an impact on [the respondent] and his ability to undertake his role.”

He is also expected to make a “full and unreserved apology” in the Commons…

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