Good Morning Britain’s Farmer Is Brexit-Hating Lib Dem Candidate

As British supermarkets have been hit with vegetable shortages, ITV’s Good Morning Britain assembled a panel to get to the bottom of it in the only way they know how. By inviting on a remainiac Liberal Democrat activist, hiding her campaigning background, and nodding along as she blamed the unseasonable frosts in Morocco on… Brexit.

Liz Webster was introduced simply as “a farmer and chair of Save British Food”, before she launched a tirade concluding that the “underlying problem” was Brexit. Ignoring the fact that her argument was a complete fabrication – even the BBC agrees Brexit is “unlikely to be a factor” – the real issue is that voters weren’t given sufficient context to judge the credibility of the expert activist.

In addition to tweeting about the “criminal greed” of “evil” tories, and repeating how much she hates Brexit, Liz is a die hard Lib Dem. She’s spoken at their conference and it’s hard to find an elected position Liz hasn’t stood for – and lost. She’s been a Lib Dem candidate for parliament, police and crime commissioner and President of the party. As always, Liz is entitled to her platform. However, considering how much time she spends on the campaign trail, and the strength of her views, it’s clearly something GMB should have informed the viewers about…

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