We Asked AI Chatbots for Their Takes on PMQs mdi-fullscreen

This experiment shows there’s a lot of artificial intelligence in Chatting With Chatbots. All the voices are 100% artificial (the advances in that field are truly astonishing).

Even the voice of the presenter – the voice of Simon Carr – is artificially generated.

The presenter’s script was written by Carr, with the contributions from the Chatbots – that is, all the Americans – are entirely from the AI programmes that are either ChatGPT or its descendants (yes, it is metastasising).

It is a little appreciated fact that Chatbots are still idiotic – however idiotic in a recognisably human way.

Will they take over professional jobs? Radio 4 presenters, newscasters, advertising copywriters, energy policy formulators?

They’re not there yet – though they’re certainly on the way.

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