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Yesterday afternoon, The Guardian asked for women in the UK to come forward and share their experiences of being “subjected to online misogyny”. Let’s take a look at how some of the 1,553 replies shaped up:

  • “Does a pile on started by Owen Jones which ended with a man local to me developing a fixation on me & leaving me scared to leave the house count?” – Victoria Freeman
  • “Owen Jones” – Julie Bindel
  • “What, even when it involves your columnists?” – Emma Burnell
  • “Well I cancelled my Guardian subscription because I was sick and tired of your biased reporting on gender ideology, which endangers women. Does that count?” – FletchFletchington
  • “You removed JK Rowling from your list of celebrity birthdays because her support for women’s rights upset the incels in your IT department” – Simon Edge
  • “Ask the female journalists you drove out of their jobs. If you can remember what ‘female’ means.” – Sarah Phillimore
  • “There was the time a clownish far-Left publication insisted birthing bodies & chestfeeding were ‘inclusive’ terms. Gross.” – Rita Panagi
  • “Is this an all staff email?” – Goody TwoShoes
  • “You mean Owen Jones? Glad you finally got there.” – Frances Barber
  • “Well, there’s this newspaper I used to read every issue of and then they decided to join a misogynist, science denialist cult and now every day I have to see articles from their journalists pretending women aren’t real anymore…” – Shambolic Neutral KPSS
  • “How about the time a newspaper referred to women as menstrators? Which paper would insult women so horribly!? Think real hard. Give up? IT WAS YOU!!!” – Laura Marcus
  • “Remember those articles you published about the Wi Spa incident, making out women and girls being exposed to a naked sex offender in the changing rooms were bigots?” – Andrea Paterson
  • “I’ve had an awful amount of abuse, and a pile on orchestrated by your Owen Jones, who is really quite a horrific nasty bully.” – Red Tory
  • “Just look to Owen Jones’s timeline & replies & write an article about that.” – Sall Grover
  • “Seeing you get rid of Suzanne Moore and other female writers so you could keep misogynist opinion and misogynists like Owen Jones. You are truly the nastiest most anti-women paper in the UK.” – Lottie Lewis

You get the idea…

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