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As continued reports of Whitehall going woke hit the press, the government has repeatedly pledged to clamp down on the excesses of identity politics. Embarrassingly the message hasn’t reached CCHQ, well and truly captured by woke culture warriors. The Telegraph reports that Conservative candidates themselves are being given “unconscious bias” training. As Suella Braverman pledged a review into “woke nonsense” in the Home Office, she might want to start a little closer to home…

Candidates are lectured on “microaggressions” and educated on inclusive terminologies – from “polygender” to “affirmed gender”. After completing the training, candidates are then quizzed on what they learned, with one expecting candidates to confirm that “white resentment” is a significant problem for BAME employees.

The lessons also lecture on microaggressions, such as asking a black colleague “why does your hair not look like ours?”.

Would-be MPs are also advised against immodest behaviour, like being alone with a member of the opposite sex, when it might contradict someone’s religion. Admittedly it’s not the worst PR headache CCHQ’s dealing with…

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