BBC Yields to Woke Backlash Over Scottish Gender Bill mdi-fullscreen

The BBC has apparently started contracting out its editorial policy to the socially ‘progressive’ zealots at Pink News. Yesterday the corporation accurately reported “Controversial Scottish gender reforms to become law”. All seemed fair and dandy until Benjamin Cohen of the left-wing online news site kicked up a furore over the word ‘Controversial‘, with Cohen pretending theonly thing that’s ‘controversial’ about the law is that it’s not happened for trans people in the rest of the UK.” Sure Ben, sure…

The tweet scraped just over 3,000 likes, yet that didn’t stop the BBC from giving in to the woke mob and amending their article headline to read “Changing gender to be made easier in Scotland”. For reference, the dictionary definition of the word ‘controversial’ is “giving rise or likely to give rise to controversy or public disagreement,” which is frankly an understatement in the case of the Scottish gender bill…

The absurd editorial u-turn from the BBC in response to the tiniest pressure from ‘progressives’ now means that the corporation has articles labelling things such as mushrooms, oysters, Matt Hancock, the Police & Crime Bill, wooden seats in Lincolnshire and Richard III as “controversial”, just not the Scottish trans bill.

Guido hopes Benjamin Cohen has invoiced the BBC for his time…

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