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Yesterday, Guido brought co-conspirators the news that Sir Keir’s centralised candidate selection process has resulted in one Dominic Beck being selected for Rother Valley.

In 2015, he was forced to resign as a councillor when an independent report uncovered gross incompetence following the 2014 probe into Rotherham child exploitation. A local resident wrote to their local paper saying his selection is a “betrayal” of victims, and puts Labour “into the sewers”…

Today, Guido can reveal it’s not just voters with concerns – it’s local Labour members as well, on a surprisingly public Facebook group called Rother Valley Labour Party Chat. 

Longtime campaigner Ian Roddison, who has been frequently photographed campaigning with the local party on their Twitter account recently posted that he is inviting Beck to his local ward “to face the concerns of some members and how we move forward.”

Referencing The Times front page showing Beck’s face among the disgraced ex-councillors, Roddison warns:

“It hasn’t took long for the people of Rotherham/Rother Valley to talk about the shame of Labour Party Selection ( see this weeks Advertiser letters page). We have to be prepared to meet this head on and have the ammunition to counter it. Make no mistake [Local Tory MP Alex] Staffords team will have the front page of the Times placed all over showing Dominics photo alongside six other cabinet members with the headlines, Rotherham: finally the truth behind the lies………..”

Another local member commented that he too has “asked Dominic about my concerns over the child protection issues”, albeit adding “it was unfortunate that he is being dragged into this debate”

Ian Roddison let the cat out of the bag when adding “I think our plan in the past has been don’t mention CSE [Child Sexual Exploitation], it will go away”…

“A bit like Basil Fawlty in the Germans episode when he said ‘ I mentioned the war once but i think i got away with it’ Make no mistake this will be an issue at the general election as it was in 2021 in the local elections when the tories got around twenty councillors elected.”

‘Don’t mention the child sexual exploitation concerns’. That’s the Tories’ leaflet written for them…

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