Friday Factuals: Is Everything in Britain Broken? mdi-fullscreen

In the last couple of weeks, MPs on the floor of the House have declared the following institutions, systems and professions to be broken:

The Home Office, the asylum system, business rates, the housing market, the rental market, the mortgage market, criminal defence solicitors, the NHS, the pound, the money, the visa and immigration system, Britain.

The Opposition will be using their statistics to criticise the long-running Government. Is it possible that at least some of these things may actually be broken? These 20 facts and fact-like assertions will mean different things to different observers, but taken together they make optimistic cheerfulness a little bit harder for all.

  1. When the Tories came to power in 2010 national debt was just under £1 trillion. It is now £2.4 trillion. Peter Dowd (Lab)
  2. Growth in spending on the NHS, adjusted for inflation, has increased by 35% since 2010. Anthony Browne (Con)
  3. We now have 2.5 million people out of work for reasons of ill health. Jonathan Ashworth (Lab)
  4. 40,000 registered nurses in England have left the NHS in the past year . . .The most common reason [for all staff departures] was work-life balance. Paulette Hamilton (Lab)
  5. The Crown court backlog has reduced from more than 60,000 cases in June 2021 to under 58,000 cases at the end of March, 2022. Dominic Raab (Con)
  6. Only 3% of rape cases saw charges brought last year. Angela Eagle (Lab)
  7. In the year to March 2022, the police recorded the highest annual number of rape offences to date – 70,330 – but charges were brought in only 2,223 cases
  8. The backlog in family courts now stands at more than 110,000 cases. Andy Slaughter (Lab)
  9. The Common Platform court management system costs have gone from £236 million to £300 million with a further £20 million for product enhancements. Alex Cunningham (Lab)
  10. Black children are over four times more likely to be arrested than white children. Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Lab)
  11. In 2010 there were 1,861 firms of criminal solicitors with duty contracts; there are now 964. Karl Turner (Lab)
  12. An official staff network within HM Prison and Probation Services has circulated an email to all staff advising them that use of the phrases “protecting women and girls” and “same-sex attraction” is transphobic. That email came from a Ministry of Justice address and was marked “Official”. Joanna Cherry (SNP)
  13. Nuclear test veterans have a legacy of cancers, blood disorders and rare disease, while their wives report three times the usual rate of miscarriage. Their children also have 10 times the normal amount of birth defects and are five times more likely to die as infants. Rachel Hopkins (Lab)
  14. The UK is forecast to have the lowest growth in the G7 over the next two years. Tulip Saddiq (Lab)
  15. The Green Book suggests that only £0.6 billion is from tackling tax avoidance and evasion. Why is that figure so low, when the estimate is £70 billion of tax avoidance and evasion? Chris Stephens (SNP)
  16. The Environment Agency’s total budget for this year is £1,650 million. Rebecca Pow (Con)
  17. In 2009 at the Copenhagen COP, people from small Pacific island developing states were promised $100 million a year. That money has not been delivered. Alex Sobel (Lab/Co-op)
  18. 23 out of the 27 EU member states are likely to see economic growth next year while we are in recession. Peter Grant (SNP)
  19. The Bank of England is losing £11 billion between now and March by selling, at a loss, bonds they do not need to sell. John Redwood (Con)
  20. This Government have spent £400 billion on Covid. Alexander Stafford (Con)
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