Government Spaffs Another £300,000 on Diversity Tsars mdi-fullscreen

It’s been about three weeks since the government last opened the taxpayer’s wallet to hire more diversity tsars – so right on time, they’re back at it. Anyone who just missed out last time, look below. There’s plenty up for grabs. 

If all these posts were filled at the top salary level, that would cost the taxpayer £334,255 per year. Elliot Keck, investigations campaign manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, adds:

“Right-on roles are still out of control across the public sector. Warm words to ditch diversity demagogues during the leadership campaign have clearly fallen on deaf ears in Whitehall. Ministers need to get a grip on these non-jobs.”

During the leadership race, Liz promised to do exactly that, by fighting “left-wing groupthink in government” and offering “value“. No luck so far…

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