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Guardian readers probably thought they’d woken up in 2008 this morning, with Gordon Brown splashing the front page with his big plan to save the world, this time from the energy crisis. No, Gordon hasn’t taken the reins again. Sir Keir is, in fact, still Labour leader… he’s just on holiday. 

While Starmer catches some rays, Brown is busy doing his job for him, proposing a suspension of the energy price cap before 26th August, an immediate emergency budget, the re-nationalisation of any energy firms that cannot lower bills, and a reprogramming of DWP computer systems to adjust benefits. He’s also proposing voluntary energy rationing now “when the weather’s good“. Presumably Sir Keir agrees, given he’s already taking advantage of the sunshine.

Still, those waiting to hear what the actual current Labour leader thinks will have to wait until next week, when he’ll return to London to outline his plans alongside Rachel Reeves. He might be in for a surprise if he turns to Gordon for inspiration, though. The first line of Brown’s article reads: “Time and tide wait for no one. Neither do crises. They don’t take holidays…”

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