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It is once again Guido’s solemn duty to report Piers’ bad news. Last night his show plunged to 36,500 viewers. In the same time slot, Mark Steyn pulled in more than double that for GB News at 78,200. Piers was even beaten by the GB News’ Headliners, a show in which comedians read the papers and break no news. They got 49,600. Remember, as Piers will tell you whenever his overnight ratings tank, conventional TV ratings “don’t matter”… unless he wins. No such luck last night.

Meanwhile over at Sky News, having finally dumped the dire Daily Climate Show from primetime, ratings surged back up to around 70,000 for that slot, which didn’t help Piers much for the second half of his show. Sky News is finally back in second place behind the BBC, having learned their lesson after watching their viewership halve every time they aired the doom-mongering nonsense. Piers is probably the only person who’ll miss it…

In an unusual twist, Nigel Farage finally dipped below his GB News colleagues, with both Dan Wootton and Mark Steyn beating him last night. Farage pulled in 62,900, with Wootton getting 67,300. Farage is usually at the top of the pile and is considered GB News’ box office king. Even Brillo said as much last week on SpectatorTV, when he suggested Murdoch should put a bid in for Farage to jump ship and suck in viewers for the ailing TalkTV. At one point pointing out how slotting Farage in Newton Dunn’s slot might give Piers a well-needed leg up an hour later – poor Tom…

To be fair to Tom Newton Dunn, his viewership climbed to 17,100 last night. There’s still hope…

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