Zelenskyy Invites Merkel & Sarkozy to Bucha to See Result of Their “Concessions to Russia”

President Zelenskyy’s address last night was his most damning in weeks, following the war crimes seen after Russians retreated from Bucha, near Kyiv. Speaking in Russia to the mothers of Putin’s troops, Zelenskyy asked:

“I want every mother of every Russian soldier to see the bodies of those who have been killed in Bucha, in Irpin, in Hostomel. What did they do? Why were they murdered? … Why were women strangled after their earrings were ripped out of their ears? How could women be raped and murdered in front of their children? Their bodies tortured even after their deaths?”

Even if you raised looters, how did they also become butchers?”

Satellite images of the town show a 45 foot-long mass grave… 

Zelenskyy also used the opportunity to pour scorn on the leaders of Western Europe, inviting former German and French presidents Merkel and Sarkozy to Bucha to:

“see what the policy of concessions to Russia has led to in 14 years. To see with their own eyes the tortured Ukrainian men and women.”

Meanwhile Zelenskyy’s said the UK has “agreed on new defensive support for Ukraine. New package. Very, very tangible support,” addingThank you Boris for the leadership! Historical leadership. I’m sure of it”. 

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