NUS Run Scared from Education Committee Amid Lowkey Scandal

Anyone expecting the NUS to give pause for thought after the Lowkey annual conference debacle probably doesn’t know the NUS.  Following the Lowkey scandal, the NUS have demonstrated their inability to manage a crisis, this time by refusing to appear in front of the Education Select Committee this morning to discuss – surprise, surprise – antisemitism on campuses. Apparently their one and only representative was just too ill to appear…

Speaking this morning, Committee chair Robert Halfon tore into the group for no-showing:

“I have to say, the NUS has shown great reluctance to appear before us today. We first contacted them over 3 weeks ago inviting them to appear, and got no response. It took 6 emails and 7 phone calls before the NUS finally agreed to send a representative. And then we were told yesterday at 4:30 that the NUS could no longer attend because the representative was unwell. We asked for a replacement, and that was refused. I do think it disappointing that NUS responded in this way… and are not willing to appear before our committee. We will call them in for a separate session, they should be accountable to Parliament… there are some recent controversies involving antisemitism that involve the [NUS] and it would have been good to question them on this. I genuinely find it incomprehensible that [the NUS] was, in essence, unwilling to come and talk…”

Falling ill just hours before their scheduled appearance. The NUS must be so disappointed. Guido wishes their representative a speedy recovery.

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