Wet Tory Lord’s Latest Attempt for National Unity Government

Heathite, Remainer Tory peer Lord Cormack has sensationally told ITV News that the present Ukraine crisis calls for a government of national unity to face down the Russian war machine. Peston was amazed: “Tory grandee Lord Cormack says the Ukraine crisis is so grave that the time has come for a national government. He has been in parliament for 52 years”. Guido’s not sure why Rob felt this intervention was worth reporting on… it’s the third time Lord Cormack has said he wants such a cross-party government since 2018.

2018, July – Brexit: “In many ways, the situation that we face needs a national Government”

2021, January – Covid: “I am not advocating a national Government, much as I would personally like one”

In October 2020 he also became starry-eyed over the idea of a national government during a debate on the internal market bill:

“We need to come together in this country more than we have ever needed to. We must not dismiss opinions because they come from parties other than our own. I am not so starry-eyed as to think that we could have a national Government tomorrow, but we have to treat each other with a degree of respect.”

Now he calls for one over Ukraine. Perhaps Lord Cormack needs to assess whether he actually wants to sit as a Tory peer…

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