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New research from the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) has revealed nearly half of the Commons is functionally innumerate. When a sample of MPs were asked “If you toss a coin twice, what is the probability of getting two heads?”, an astonishing 48% managed to get it wrong. The correct probability being 25%, although co-conspirators will already know that.

This is a level of mathematics taught to 12 year-olds. Breaking down the data is even more revealing:

  • Only 38% of 2019ers gave the right answer.
  • 53% of Labour MPs got it right, versus 50% of Tories.
  • Just two Welsh MPs answered correctly.
  • 60% of female MPs answered correctly versus just 48% of males – a statistically significant difference.

In defence of the 2019ers, most of them were educated under Blair. The Tories having a weaker understanding of numbers, meanwhile, probably explains why our taxes are going up in April. Congratulations to the two Welsh MPs who are at least as talented as 12-year olds.

It’s not all bad news though: the Royal Statistical Society points out these results show MPs are actually better than they were 11 years ago, when only 40% of respondents gave the correct answer. Although maybe that’s just grade inflation…

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