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Remainers are angry at flags again. This time it’s Morrisons taking the heat of their ire after wrapping their products in Union Jack branding, and specifying where their salt and pepper comes from.

Winner winner, non-EU chicken dinner…

Thanks to the online establishment power of the FPBE brigade, they’ve forced Morrisons into a bowing and scraping u-turn, the supermarket promising to immediately rebrand their packaging. They’re now claiming the wording on the meal was due to “a misinterpretation of packaging and labelling regulations”. Ironically, a misinterpretation of EU regulations…

As wonk Sam Ashworth-Hayes explains, EU food labelling regulation 1169/2011, which still exists in the UK as retained EU law, says a primary ingredient from a country other than that in the name should have its origin made clear. Article 2 explains:

“The country of origin or the place of provenance of a primary ingredient which is not the same as the given country of origin or the given place of provenance of the food shall be given:

(a) with reference to one of the following geographical areas:

(i) ‘EU’, ‘non-EU’ or ‘EU and non-EU’…”

Very disappointing to see Morrisons chicken out to Remainers so quickly…

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