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Three days of Insulate Britain protests cost the economy just shy of £900,000, the High Court learnt today. Listening to arguments for extending the government’s injunction against the eco-terrorist group, the court heard how despite the £883,962 cost from protests on the 13th, 14th and 24th September, it’s Insulate Britain who feel the situation is “unfair” and they’re being “bullied”. Saira Kabir Sheikh QC argued:

“The estimated, lower bound, costs of these protests on drivers are substantial, with the lowest still causing £20,124 in loss and the most impactful, so far, costing an estimated £324,107.

This does not account for any costs associated with missed appointments, disruption to manufacturing or retail, missed transportation slots at airports or ports, or the direct cost to police or National Highways of managing the incidents.”

Insulate Britain’s Dr Diana Warner moaned that they felt they hadn’t been given enough time to find legal representation, adding:

“We are talking about an existential emergency, not about people being late to their jobs or losing a bit of money, we need to change what we’re doing for everybody’s future.

Given Insulate Britain have protested on more than a dozen days since September 13th, Guido won’t be surprised if the total bill racks up to a couple of million.

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