Starmer Still Backs £15 an Hour for McDonalds Workers, Just Not for the Whole Country

Starmer’s now-ex shadow employment minister Andy McDonald told the press on Monday his resignation was over Starmer telling him to actively argue against a £15 an hour minimum wage. Sir Keir now opposes this loony left demand despite backing the call in 2019 when he was out in his constituency supporting striking McDonald’s workers who were demanding a £15 minimum wage.

On Sky News yesterday evening Beth Rigby called Sir Keir out on this blatant hypocrisy. It seemed like it was impossible to square the two positions. Demonstrating all the sophistry of a slippery barrister he told Beth that while he still stands by his belief that those McDonald’s workers should receive £15 an hour, it is simply unfeasible to roll out nationwide. Whilst teenage McDonald’s staff might be lovin’ it in Starmer’s Britain, the pay rate would not apply to their colleagues at Kentucky Fried Chicken or care workers…

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