WATCH: Hancock Said Covid Rule-Breaking Affairs Should Result in Resignation mdi-fullscreen

Human rights barrister Adam Wagner has gone into detail about the law-breaking, pointing out the snogging session happened during Step 2 of the lockdown, when gatherings of 2 or more indoors were illegal except for permitted purposes such as “work”. While social distancing was merely guidance, this ban on indoor gatherings was written into The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2021. Hancock’s “hand – arse – tongue” manoeuvre was clearly in contradiction of the prevailing “hands – face – space” guidance, which calls into question more than his personal romantic life…

The photos date from May 6th – two weeks before the health secretary began allowing people to hug. Guido notes that when government Covid advisor Neil Ferguson broke the governments social distancing rules to hook up at the start of lockdown, Hancock said he was both right to resign, and backed any police action necessary.

Matt Hancock: “I think he took the right decision to resign”

Kay Burley: “You wouldn’t have fought to keep him?”

Hancock: “That’s just not possible in these circumstances”

Hancock’s made his bed, now he’ll have to lie in it. Alone…

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