WATCH: Chair of Britain Stronger in Europe Admits Campaign Exaggerated Risks of Brexit

Stuart Rose, the former chair of Britain Stronger in Europe, has admitted that he regrets ever joining the Remain campaign, and that the supposed economic risks of Brexit were deliberately exaggerated by the Treasury. You don’t say.

Speaking to ITV News today, Rose said:

“…People saying that we’ve really got to hit people on the financials. The argument has got to be about finances and ‘it’s the economy, stupid,’ going back to the Bill Clinton days or whatever it was. And I think that was a big mistake […] It was quite clear that immigration was a big issue. It was quite clear that getting your kids into school was a big issue. It was quite clear that getting a house and into housing was a big issue. It was quite clear that access to the NHS was a big issue. And I don’t think people really took it seriously about ‘Oh, well. You are going to be worse off’”.

Rose added that the campaign decision-making was “chaotic“, with everyone having “slightly different agendas and no clear lines of responsibility. The whole thing was, in Rose’s own words, “a bit cack-handed in retrospect”…

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