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The last time Guido saw Kay Burley and Beth Rigby together, they were warmly hugging and saying goodbye after Kay’s rule-breaking 60th. It seems their friendship may have taken a considerable hit since the birthday party jeopardised their careers; the two no longer follow each other on Instagram or Twitter. A frosting of their friendship compared to the numerous pictures of them hugging online…

The two were once inseparable on Instagram, liking all of each other’s posts. Now neither appear in each other’s ‘following’ lists. ‘Likes’ from Kay on Beth’s photos can still be seen, however none vice versa, which implies Kay may have blocked Beth. A similar fallout can be seen on Twitter, as neither now follows each other; their last interaction appearing on November 12th for Kay to Beth, and November 27th for Beth to Kay. Unfollowing and blocking on social media is a teen-mean-girl form of passive-aggressive cyber-bullying. Is there an innocent explanation? Kay has another month of suspension before she is re-united on-screen with Beth…

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