Labour’s Sourdough-Baking, “Medievalist” Council Candidate Questions Trump’s “Israel” Hair Spray mdi-fullscreen

Guido couldn’t help noticing an interesting councillor candidate selection up in North West Durham, where Labour has selected Owain Gardner for the former mining area of Weardale. Owain will no doubt go down well in Weardale, given he describes himself as:

the owner of a Wolsingham based SME, Gardner’s Sourdough Bakery Ltd, which is 100% organic. He is also a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Glasgow, looking into music’s place in early Franciscan liturgy and its impact on J. S. Bach.”

He’s also a member of the Musicians’ Union, Royal Historical Society and the Robert Grosseteste Society…

Things get more interesting when viewing Owain’s social media, where he defended Ken Livingston’s Zionist comments, argued Livingstone “isn’t an antisemite”; complained about being labelled an “antisemite and racist” by Labour party members for doing so; and complained Chris Williamson’s words had been “utterly distorted”.

The crown jewel however was Gardner questioning “how much of Trump’s hair spray is made in Israel?”

Perhaps Owain should stick to the baking…

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