30 Staff Attend BBC’s Lesson in “How to Drink Water” Properly mdi-fullscreen

Last month, news broke that the BBC planned to teach its employees how to drink water properly. In an email to staff, the hour-long webinar was pitched as a way to ‘help […] identify the importance of being fully hydrated and find practical ways to achieve this state every day and to understand how being fully hydrated will improve health, overall wellbeing and performance’. Naturally the story was roundly mocked at the time. After all, who needed to be taught how to fill up a water bottle?

Well, it turns out at least 30 BBC employees did. According to a recent Freedom of Information (FoI) response, Guido can reveal that the Beeb’s hotly-anticipated ‘Hydration‘ course attracted 30 thirsty workers, all of whom Guido hopes have now received the requisite training for turning on the tap. Unfortunately, the FoI response stopped short of revealing the cost of this important lesson…

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