‘Inequality Lead’ Complains to BBC For Asking About Inequality

Women’s Hour’s Emma Barnett is being hounded by an “Inequality Lead” for asking the first woman to be elected Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain about the prospects for female imams. The other Abrahamic faiths have women spiritual leaders, there are female Christian priests and female Jewish rabbis, Women’s Hour legitimately asked how many female imams there are in Britain? Attacks fell on the questioner, rather than the interviewee who dodged the question…

Formerly of the CLASS think tank, unsuccessful Parliamentary candidate Faiza Shaheen is now the “Inequality Lead” at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation. She spent yesterday afternoon hounding Barnett for asking a question about gender equality, declaring:

“I’m so angry this. Pure ignorance from the presenter. And why have you clipped it? Trying to cater for the Islamophobic Twitter crowd?! Click bait for a culture war you support? You should be ashamed.”

Shaheen went on to add:

“Please, can everyone write a complaint? I just did it, super quick.”

Apparently “inequality lead” means ‘leading defences of inequality’…

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