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A new study into Africa’s energy generation landscape shows the share of non-hydro renewables in African electricity generation is likely to remain below 10% by 2030. According to Nature Energy, researchers from the University of Oxford predict that whilst total electricity generation across Africa will double by 2030, fossil fuels will continue to be the main energy source:

Galina Alova, of the Oxford Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, says:

“There is a prominent narrative in the energy planning community that the continent will be able to take advantage of its vast renewable energy resources and rapidly decreasing clean technology prices to leapfrog to renewables by 2030 – but our analysis shows that overall it is not currently positioned to do so.”

The study predicts that in 2030, fossil fuels will account for some two-thirds of all generated electricity across Africa. While an additional 18% of generation is set to come from hydro-energy projects. The problem is that eco-colonialists are pressurising Western banks and aid donors to refuse to fund the energy needs of Africa’s growing population. The path to prosperity that China has blazed on the back of economic growth requires reliable energy. Greens will sacrifice the prosperity of Africans on the altar of their ideals. Eco-imperialism is the twenty-first century’s neo-colonialism.

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