Labour Accidentally Sends Entire Email Chain to Journalists Describing Own Analysis as Confusing, Admitting Methodology is Flawed

Red faces at Labour HQ this morning as the party has been caught with its pants down sending a wad of internal comms emails to their friendlies email list

To make the chaos at Southside even more Thick Of It-esque, at one point prisoners are referred to as “prison users”.┬áStarmer’s quiet bat people…

UPDATE: A Government source gets in touch with Guido. Pulling no punches…

“Labour’s desire to let loads of “prison users” out early under the cover of covid makes perfect sense when you think about it. Getting criminals out of jail and on to electoral rolls ahead of the local elections would pad their vote very nicely indeed. It would also have the dual benefit of freeing up cell space should it be needed for their MPs, Claudia Webbe and Apsana Begum who are soon to face trial for serious criminal offences.”

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