Robbie Williams Plays Boris in Christmas Music Video Featuring Twerking Theresa May

Robbie Williams’s new anti-lockdown Christmas song music video, Can’t Stop Christmas, features the former Take That star get in full Boris Johnson hair and makeup to play the PM, alongside a very convincing Patrick Vallance look-a-like, and a Chris Whitty character who bears more of a resemblance to Neil Kinnock. As if the premise wasn’t weird enough, the final scene also features a twerking Theresa May…

Unexpectedly, this isn’t the only Theresa May cameo to hit mainstream culture this Christmas. This year’s New Years Dr Who special, which was written two-years-ago, features an authoritarian female Prime Minister using Daleks as defence drones “set to protect the UK from outside threats.” An alternative fishing waters defence policy in a No Deal scenario?

A female PM with two emotionless, abusive enforcers? Guido hopes Nick and Fiona get credited…

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