Corbyn Calls for Fellow Suspended Cranks to be Re-Admitted into Labour

Guido tuned into a Zoom call last night billed as “Hands off our MP”, which promised a speech by independent backbencher Jeremy Corbyn. While crankery was to be expected (the conference was organised by “Islington Friends of Jeremy Corbyn” which brands itself with the colours of the Palestinian flag), Corbyn knocked it out of the park. The former Labour leader said, in no uncertain terms:

“I obviously contest [the decision to suspend me and block my re-admittance to the PLP] very very strongly and we together will all campaign on this thing, and above all we’ll make sure that we win this thing.

Not just for me, but for the right of free speech in our party and, of course, the need for other people who have sadly been suspended because they spoke out at constituency meetings all over the country; I want to see them all back in the party as well, and that is what I’m absolutely determined to achieve.”

While this call will include the re-instatement of multiple hard-left constituency Labour Party officials who have been suspended for ignoring Starmer’s edict banning motions calling for Corbyn’s re-admission, including:

  • Pete Firmin, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
  • Bridget Dunne, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
  • Louise Regan, Nottingham East CLP
  • Darran McLaughlin, Bristol West CLP
  • Dr Hannah Little, Bristol West CLP

Corbyn’s socialist solidarity is such he is now actively campaigning to have all these people “back in the party”, despite Jewish members describing their horror and distress watching them push pro-Corbyn motions. While Guido knew he’d become a flagrant crank post-leadership, this is shocking even by Corbyn’s standard…

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