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Description: The recent US elections carry significant importance not just for the United States but for the world. Let’s see how Joe Biden’s victory can impact the world’s political scene. 

Hardly many elections in recent history have been so closely observed than the one the United States had just had. What a week it has been! What a victory it has become. The whole world waited for the election results with such unease. Fortunately, the days of the unknown are over. Joe Biden has won the elections and will soon become the 46th US president. 

Joe Biden Profile

Joe Biden already had two previous attempts to become the United States president, one in 1987 and the last one in 2008 next to Obama. Both times for Democrats, of course. Both times he was the front-runner with high chances of success. You don’t need to do my statistics homework for me to see that his third presidential run was his long-due victory. Overall, Biden is a political veteran with extensive experience in politics, including his eight years of vice-presidency next to Barack Obama. The years he spent as the President’s right hand allow him to claim many political victories that are President Obama’s achievements. Overall, his legacy as the vice president played a crucial role in his nomination from the Democrats in the first place. Of course, you can check these paper writing service reviews to see whether you want full research on Biden’s bio. 

Though, during the presidential campaign, Biden faces many strong opponents, both new political figures and veterans, just like himself. The diversity of the candidate and the serious inclination to the far left in many of his opponents’ political views hinted at the changing scene in politics. In comparison to many younger candidates (as well as Bernie Sanders), Biden seemed a bit outdated. His ways were too old-fashion. His behavior, at times, did not satisfy the modern young voters. Despite all of those little things, Biden stood up as a strong opponent to Donald Trump, and that’s what all democrats wanted at that time. To defeat Donald Trump. Since their biggest hopes and wishes were heard and fulfilled, it is time to see what exactly Biden’s victory can give to the United States and the world. Whether you are just looking for political essay help online or need to understand what is going on, this brief analysis can help you. 

The New Era for the US

The presidency of Joe Biden will mean a change of course for the US. He will have to work twice harder to re-establish the US reputation among the world leaders, friends, and not only. Fortunately, Joe Biden doesn’t look like a person who needs any help with assignments and can manage the presidency’s stress. After all, he has been in the White House for eight years. If anything, he received his post in the White House due to his extensive executive experience and good results in managing foreign affairs. 

Though, in the current situation, Biden’s first thing will be to bring the train back on tracks, so to speak. His first steps in the office will not be concentrated on moving forward right away, but returning the States to the track, the country used to be during Biden’s vice-presidency.  Here is the list of things we expect Biden to get his hand right on after his inauguration. 

Paris Agreement

Environmental issues and climate change is among the most popular topic orders in any academic writing services. Yet, President Trump seems to have a problem with the science behind these irreversible natural processes. The Paris Agreement must be among the first things that Biden should get right onto once he is in office. As it was easy to predict, Trump’s official stand on climate change and environmental protection did not find any approval abroad. Indeed, many countries such as Canada and France were critical about this decision. The agreement was signed not long ago before Trump’s inauguration, and there was yet much to do to follow this international agreement. Although a number of American states such as California did not follow the President’s lead in stepping away from the Paris agreement, Trump’s decision caused enough damage to the US reputation in regards to fighting climate change. 

The US was no longer viewed as a reliable ally, not just in this matter. Many other previous US foreign treaties and promises were immediately in danger after the world saw US foreign politics’ unreliability. Let along the little respect president Trump paid to any international treaties that did not work in favor of his political agenda. America first was, indeed, his main strategy for the next four years, and he demonstrated it with the first chance he got. 

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden was trying to stay central and did not focus his political agenda on the most urgent social issues that the left was pursuing. Though, one thing he did promise in his campaign is to bring America back to the Paris Agreement and step up in the fight against climate change. If you want to learn more about the Paris Agreement and what it can do, you can ask professional academic writers, “write my essay for me, please,” and you will receive the answers you want. His stand on the environmental issues was what brought more young voters to his side and gave the world hope for the US shifting its source back to normal. Such a change will be supported by the world community once Biden shows his intentions in his political decisions. 

Vice-President Kamala Harris

Another change that the world should expect is the American first female vice-president. First, it was about time America would step up on gender equality. Ask any academic writing services, and they’ll tell how popular gender studies are now. Just check these essay writing service reviews to see where to go with that question. The fact that the States still did not have any female presidents and vice-presidents does not speak volumes about the US stand on gender discriminations, the glass ceiling, and the government’s willingness to move with the time. Harris taking the second most influential position in the country after the president will show the world the progress of Americans in their acceptance of females in power. It will be especially refreshing after the four years of Trump’s presidency, his scandals in regards to poor treatment of women, accusations of rape, stories of cheating on his wife, and much more. 

Though, of course, Harris has a lot more to bring to the table than just that. Her vision of the US future was in many areas quite different from the one of Biden’s. Biden has been in politics for decades now. His ways are traditional and, perhaps, slightly old-fashioned. By choosing Kamala to be his right hand, he created a balance similar to the one that was during the Obama presidency. Though, these times these roles are reversed. Harris has all the power to change the US image in a positive sense. She is a young, strong, ambitious woman with serious experience in law and politics. Overall, she doesn’t look like a person who’d ever needed any help with the essay paper. She clearly used to do everything on her own. She has already done enough to be remembered in American history. Though, the position of the Vice-President will empower her to do so much more. Before everything else, she is the reminder of all the minorities that have been discriminated against for the past four years. 

When it comes to foreign policy, Harri can perform the check and balance system inside the White House. Though Biden is an expert in geopolitics and knows how to establish needed connections in foreign affairs, his vision of the world and what’s needed now may be outdated, especially if to consider that quite many world leaders now are rather young. Harris can help to rethink Biden’s old strategies and give them a new polished look. Not to mention that her Indian origins can work in favor of US-Indian relationships. Kamala ran for the presidency was greeted with support and cheer in Indian, especially in her family’s state. Her nomination for vice-presidency also received great support from the people of India. They are proud to witness such success by a daughter of an Indian immigrant. 

The US, the Peacemaker

The four years of Trump’s presidency did not do much good to US status as the world’s main peacekeeper. Surely, we have to be grateful that these four years did not bring any new war to the American people. The two previous presidents can’t brag about such achievements. Trump promised to end the wars in the Middle East, and, partially, he did achieve that. Though his fulfilled promises cost American reputation a lot. By withdrawing American forces, the US demonstrated full disregard of its allies’ efforts, sacrifices, and lives. Neither the Kurds nor the world will forget such betrayal and will be aware of such a possibility in the future. Hence, Biden will have to work on earning back the reputation that faced serious damage. He will also have to maneuver the remaining American military presence in the Middle East. 

In addition, the position of the Trump administration on Russia was quite ambiguous, to say the least. Russia’s hostile actions towards Ukraine, in particular the occupation of Crimea, was a shock and a threat to the rest of the democratic world. You can seek more information on these events at essaypro site if you want to. During that time, the US was holding a strong position of disapproval and called for a punishment of the Russian government. The US government took the lead in being the main peacekeeper in the region and was the advocate for peaceful resolutions. Biden has yet to show his stance on the matter. He has the power to return to the US international recognition as a major peacekeeper. Perhaps, The Baltic states and Ukraine should be the most at ease with how these elections have resulted. Biden will return US strong positions towards NATO and will stand for the protection of democracy. 

Biden’s Foreign Policy

Biden is a famous internationalist who is also known for his strong cross-party work. He is a well-skilled diplomat, exactly a person for the job right now. He has the multilateralist mindset that will help restore the broken alliances, trust, and diplomatic connections of the past. When it comes to geopolitics, US relations with Iran will be, perhaps, the most problematic. The tough relations with North Korea, as always, are also on the table. Though, during his campaign, Biden kept his focus on domestic affairs. So it is not so clear about his plans for these two difficult cases. 

It’s interesting what to expect from Biden’s stand on the US and post Brexit UK relationships. So far, it doesn’t seem that Biden would be willing to follow Obama’s threats of putting the UK as their last priority if they proceed with Brexit. Despite his desire, Trump had never really arranged any kind of special trade deal between the US and the UK. Hence, Biden will not be bound to any treaties if he wants to “punish” England for leaving the EU. Though, currently, it seems unlikely. Surely, the UK used to be the main connection point between the US and the EU. Now, America will have to create a new bridge, perhaps with Germany or France, but it doesn’t look like it will come at the cost of the UK relationships. It does not look in Biden’s character to make enemies instead of friends.


Of course, it is too early to predict what Biden’s victory can bring to the world. The four years under the rule of his predecessor might have changed the US perception worldwide. The presidency of Trump had not just changed the way people in the rest of the world view America. These years have been a revelation about so many social, economic, and political issues that prevail in the States. Trump did not just appear from nowhere. His presidency was a reflection of the United States four years ago. It has exposed the numerous social issues that America did not demonstrate on such a scale before. Trump’s presidency opened the eyes of Americans and international spectators about what is wrong with America; about what needs to be fixed. The main question now is whether Joe Biden can manage the process of fixing the dance that has been done during the previous presidency, along with the issues that had led to Trump’s 2016 victory in the first place. 

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