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Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch sent Twitter’s wokesters and academia’s race baiters into meltdown a fortnight ago when her savaging of “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) went viral, with 2.4 million views. Guido’s since picked up on an open letter doing the rounds in nutty left-wing academic circles, who – unable to take on the substance of what Badenoch argues – have chosen instead to misrepresent her words. Aside from their attacks on the substance of Kemi’s words – incorrectly claiming she wants “the banning of certain ideas or schools of thought” and that she misunderstands history and CRT – the mostly former-polytechnic-based academics now claim CRT has “scientific principles” behind their ideology. Eugenicists, phrenologists and Marxists have argued the same for decades..

Looking into the list of mainly non-black academics telling Kemi Badenoch to ‘educate herself’, many have a track record of peddling conspiracy theories, hard-left drivel and even racist tropes against ethnic minorities they disagree with. Guido brings you some of the eye-catching highlights:

Dr Goldie Osuri – Associate Professor, University of Warwick

  • Claimed antisemitism in the Labour Party was an ‘Israeli Lobby kind of idea’ 
  • Said the Israeli Prime Minister was a butcher and that Israelis were ‘bloodthirsty’

Dr Sadhvi Dar – Senior Lecturer in CSR and Business Ethics, Queen Mary’s

  • Accuses the Royal family of upholding white supremacy
  • Believes white people subordinate all people of colour
  • Believes universities are an arm of the state designed to keep non-white people down. 
  • Blamed racism for obesity

Dr Hannah Robbins – Director of Black Studies, University of Nottingham

  • Equates singing Rule Britannia with celebrating mass slaughter. 
  • Claimed singing Rule Britannia at the Proms was a constant reminder of how her ancestors had been killed. 

Dr Jou Yin Teoh – Lecturer and Racial and Cultural Equity, Brunel University London

  • Apologist for the Chinese regime: “Even the Chinese government is able to acknowledge that anti-black sentiments exist in China and is taking proactive steps to acknowledge it. So let’s not be apologists for bad behaviour, shall we?”

Lubaaba Al-Azami – PhD Candidate English Literature, University of Liverpool

  • Defended Jeremy Corbyn by calling Tony Blair the architect of a violent racist ideology
  • Called Boris Johnson ‘human scum’

Dr Hadiza Kere Abdulrahman – Lecturer in Inclusive Education, Bishop Grosseteste University

  • Asked non-white conservatives to consider whether they were truly conservatives because of their race. 

Professor Bobby Banerjee – Associate Dean of Research & Enterprise, The Business School, University of London

  • Claims there are too many white people at business schools and that these schools continue to profit from killing people

Dr Tanzil Chowdhury – Lecturer in Public Law, Queen Mary, University of London

  • Accused the Labour party of destroying Iraq and Afghanistan ‘bastardising’ their children
  • Blamed Britain’s foreign policy for terror attacks on the UK by extremists. 

Dr Triona Fitton – School of Social Policy Lecturer, University of Kent

  • Believes Starmer is using Jews as a cover for factional bloodletting

Dr Gurnam Singh – Honorary Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick

  • Teaches students that a belief in meritocracy is evidence of white supremacy

Annabel Crowley – University of the Arts London

  • Asserts “non-white people in the UK grow up enveloped by institutional white supremacy”
  • Sees white people as a ‘discomforting force’.
  • Waving the English flag shows ‘unflatering loyalty to whiteness’. 

Zey Suka-Bill – University College London

  • Believes what is taught at schools and universities uphold western dominance and whiteness. 
  • Believes the curriculum at universities is ‘whitewashed’ and used to marginalise non-white people. 

Dr David Wearing – International Relations, University of Southampton

  • Described Sir Keir Starmer as a “middling white guy plank of wood with a haircut” and said Labour was “fucked” if Rebecca Long-Bailey was not elected leader.
  • Believes black students only thrive when their teacher and authors look like them.
  • Admits Labour members do not care about racism

Looks like Kemi’s on pretty sound ideological ground…

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