London Assembly Uproar Over “Labour Doesn’t Like Patriotism Very Much”

Sadiq Khan’s stooges failed in an attempt to slap down Peter Whittle AM in yesterday’s Mayor’s Question Time, after Whittle launched a passionate defence of London’s historical statues in the face of Sadiq’s new heritage revision committee. Labour AM’s launched an attempt to remove Whittle from the chamber on the grounds that he said the Labour Party “doesn’t really like patriotism very much”. Whittle refused to apologise for his comment, which Guido suspects is a lot milder than the country’s general view of the Labour Party…

He would have been ejected had Tory AM Gareth Bacon not intervened to suggest Whittle could withdraw his comment rather than apologise for it, which he did. The full exchange is chilling and well worth a watch. Even though Sadiq may have banned fireworks on New Year’s Eve, there were plenty in his Mayoral Question Time exchanges…

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