BBC’s Anti-School Return ‘Concerned Mums’ Are Far-Left Fanatics

BBC News viewers watched a debate between former Tory MP Justine Greening and two concerned mums this morning who are so worried they want the government to abandon its plans to get kids back to school next month. Guido’s eyebrows were yet again raised as the two ordinary mums were given eight minutes to tear lumps out of the Government. After a couple of minutes research readers will be shocked to learn that BBC once again failed to highlight their guest’s party political biases…

Corinne Pearson, who described the government as “reckless” and “callous”, might be hell-bent on not catching Coronavirus at school, is however happy to organise and attend an Extinction Rebellion rally in York where there “will be games and possibility to get block prints on your clothes!!” and will be “a great opportunity to see everyone again!”. Corinne is also, unsurprisingly, a left-wing Labour Party activist

Jennifer Dunstan, who boldly described the assurances on the safety of schools from the country’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty as “not good enough I’m afraid” is a long-term Socialist Worker writer as well as a supporter of the disgraced former MP Chris Williamson, who was expelled from the Labour Party. No wonder she is cranky enough to not take Chris Witty’s advice seriously…

If the BBC is intent on having a debate over whether we should trust the top medical and scientific brains this country has to offer, they could at least flag to viewers the party political motives that drive their guests – as they did with Justine Greening. Guido can’t imagine the BBC’s press office welcoming this today…

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