Bloated on the Telly Tax the BBC Blew their Biggest Opportunity for Independence and Growth mdi-fullscreen

The BBC had iPlayer technology that, thanks to the rivers of cash extorted from the British public, was years ahead of the competition. They cracked how to do mass distribution over the internet before Netflix did. They blew the chance to be the world’s biggest media corporation because Auntie would rather cling to the licence fees than stand on her own two feet and reap the rewards of independence. The chart above shows the scale of that strategic error.

It is not too late, if Auntie is too afraid of earning her crust in the world, the government should give her a push out the door. Disney has only started streaming globally this summer, Apple’s live streaming offer is an infant, Amazon’s streaming offer started in 2016. The chance is still there. BBC proselytisers are always telling us what a quality offer it is, so prove it in the marketplace. There is nothing stopping the BBC launching a proper rival to Netflix. All started without the massive back-catalogue the BBC owns…

The British entertainment media marketplace is constrained by population size as Briton’s are 1% of the world’s population. The English language and consequent cultural opportunities are global. Rather than being negative and threatening to jail grannies who don’t want to pay for BBC Radio 1, executives should be optimistic that their offer could win a greater global market share. It is not too late to go for global growth unconstrained by the licence fee. If the BBC doesn’t want to seize the opportunity the government should force it with a permanent licence fee freeze, let it deflate away…

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