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The viral “Defund the BBC” movement has had an official launch after morphing into a full-blown campaign operation.

Guido readers may have seen the account and hashtag on Twitter and can now support the new pressure group via a Go Fund Me Page here

They have brought in campaign experience from the group behind Stand Up For Brexit and will be working with MPs and other big names like Darren Grimes, just as he wins a retraction from the BBC after they were caught lying about him.

Defund The BBC is turning the momentum they found online into a targeted campaign, saying they aim to end the unfair criminalisation of non-payment of the TV licence fee by the end of 2020.
They have also begun work on a public information drive around the BBC’s deliberately unclear license fee rules so people can avoid paying it without fear of punishment.

The sizable drop in public confidence in the media seen during the lockdown and the anger about the corporation’s BLM reporting/campaigning seems to show there is renewed support for scrapping the compulsory TV licence and making it cover BBC content only. Defund The BBC could be one to watch…

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