MP Compares Scrutiny over Historic Defence of Ken Livingstone to Murder of George Floyd mdi-fullscreen

Former Ken Livingstone adviser Claudia Webbe MP has launched an extraordinary attack on those pointing out she wrote a letter in support of Livingstone, comparing them to the policeman who knelt on the neck of George Floyd. Twitter users pointing out the MP’s differing responses to alleged anti-black vs anti-Jewish racism were accused of “racist victimisation”…

In a remarkable Twitter exchange, those who shared an article by the Campaign Against Antisemitism on Webbe’s historic defence of Livingstone were themselves deemed “racist” by the hard-left MP. When reminded of her historic defence of Livingstone, Webbe stated

“Dear racist, I have a name – I am not an object you can so easily dismiss. I am Black, female and proud. I do not tolerate Antisemitism or racism of any kind…”

Webbe went on to claim that bringing up her past defence of Livingstone wasn’t scrutiny, likening those doing it to the killing of George Floyd by a US policeman, quoting his final words:

What scrutiny? This has been ongoing for many years now – get your knee off my neck”

She’s been comprehensively condemned from all sides of the political spectrum…

Claudia later commented, “To think this all started because I had the courage to call out the victimisation & pile-on I was experiencing simply for daring to call out the potential for institutional racism on the part of the Tory government; shame on you all; that’s why we say get your knee off our necks”. Doubling down…

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