Piers Silent on SS Shame, Blocks Anyone on Twitter Who Asks mdi-fullscreen

Over the weekend we revealed that Piers Morgan, who is currently in a woke phase and professing to be worried about historic statue symbolism, had worn a Nazi Waffen-SS uniform to a party where he had fun goosestepping and saluting “Heil Hitler”. A crime in many European countries that suffered at the hands of the Waffen-SS…

The hypocrisy of the situation is embarrassing after he called for Trudeau to resign over “black-face”. Piers is far from unaware of the story, anyone who asks him about the picture on Twitter is blocked. Piers is also uncharacteristically silent on a story about himself, which is after all his favourite subject. It didn’t feature in his Mail on Sunday column. Fortunately for him the tabloids that report his every rant are so far sparing his blushes. Unfortunately for him, on social media it is being shared and talked about widely…

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