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A new study analysing UK Google search data claims to reveal the sexiest politicians in the UK. The analysis puts Home Sec Priti Patel ahead of any other MP with 3,800 monthly searches for terms: ‘Priti Patel sexy’ and ‘Priti Patel hot’. Guido brings you the rankings:

  1. Priti Patel
  2. Esther McVey
  3. Angela Rayner
  4. Theresa May
  5. Andrea Leadsom
  6. Liz Kendall
  7. Penny Mordaunt

You may be wondering where are the male politicians? Aside from just three politicians, the study found that there are zero monthly sexy search enquiries for male politicians in the UK. The top three are…

  • Dominic Raab
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Nigel Farage

Raab and Corbyn both achieve 110 sexy search queries per month, while Nigel Farage manages 30. For reference, ‘Kim Jong un sexy’ has a volume of 40 searches per month…

The analysts behind the study tell Guido they surprised to see no search volumes for Keir Starmer, Dishy Rishi, or former military men Dan Jarvis and Johnny Mercer. They, and newer MPs may have more luck with the return of a certain comparison website that Guido is told will be relaunching soon. MPs can email in their own photos if they don’t like their official Parliamentary portraits…

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