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Guido has been banging on about what a shocking performance we have been getting from the prima donnas of infotainment, the presenters and pundits who are going over the top to get gotcha moments for ratings. Well the ratings are in and the public thinks they suck worse than politicians. A lot worse…

According to a poll of 1,652 Britons for Sky News conducted by YouGov on Monday and Tuesday, TV journalists, the likes of Piers Morgan and Robert Peston, are distrusted by 64% of viewers with only 24% saying they trust them – a negative net rating of minus 40. The Dead Tree Press fares little better, having now regularly seen the Lobby hacks asking questions at the daily briefing for themselves every evening, only 17% say they trust newspaper journalists, while 72% say they do not, giving an overall net score of minus 55. That is the kind of net approval last seen by Jeremy Corbyn at his nadir…

How do the main targets of the hacks’ ire rate? Sir Keir Starmer is trusted by 25%, while 34% do not trust him, giving him an overall net rating of minus 9. He also surprisingly manages only to be trusted by half of Labour voters. The most popular politician is the one the hated metropolitan media hate most, Boris, the only politician trusted by the majority of voters (51%).

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