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Private polling commissioned by Rebecca Long-Bailey back in February finally emerged in full this week. This comes as her comms chief Matt Zarb Cousin discussed some of the not-great-for-RLB numbers on a YouTube live stream. It gets worse…

Delving into the numbers, it becomes pretty obvious why Team Long-Bailey didn’t release the YouGov findings, with loyal party members giving the prospective Labour leader fairly dismal ratings, ranking her bottom on issues like being able to unite the party, being a good media performer and being able to appeal to ‘Red Wall’ seats.

Despite party members avoiding the obvious continuity Corbyn candidate, the polling found that members both backed Sir Keir in almost all personal attributes including “Shares my values“, and overwhelmingly back Corbynomics:

  • Committing to nuclear disarmament by 65% to 15%
  • Nationalising mail, rail, energy, and water by 91% to 3%
  • Tax-funded broadband by 56% to 13%
  • Ending graduate contribution to university fees by 84% to 5%
  • Open selections for Labour MPs by 57% to 12%
  • Abolishing private schools by 48% to 18%
  • Four-day working week by 61% to 11%
  • Scrapping all trade union restraint laws by 67% to 13%
  • 50% top rate of income tax by 90% to 3%
  • Maximum pay ratio for all employers of 20:1 by 80% to 4%

This doesn’t look to Guido like a changed party…

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